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As a small business owner with a physical store, you could easily get discouraged and frustrated when sales are down, or when you do not get enough traffic in your store.It’s at times like this that you should consult an expert and ask for help to get your store back on track; even if it is only one board that you could implement immediately. Fortunately, I’ve put together a list of tips that will help you achieve that.

Below are 10 tips from some of the best-known experts in retail, marketing and branding that we have specifically bundled for you. These experts were kind enough to answer my question:

  • “What is the thing that retailers can do to better promote their store?”
  • The tips in their answers listed below are very powerful; choose one and implement it to get results.
  • Let’s go.

Give People a Reason to Visit Your Store

“The number one thing retailers can do to better promote their store is to give people a reason to go there. I’ve already seen stores that run private events, have limited stock items available only in stores, and offer online coupons that can only be used in-store to promote their points of sale. The Wawa – Sell to Wawa options are open here.

Concentrate on the Way You Sell What You Sell

Suppose nobody really needs what you sell, because that’s probably the case. There are very few things you can sell that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Instead, focus on how you sell what you sell. Differentiate completely your customer experience and make it remarkable. Products come and go, but there will always be a market for truly remarkable experiences.

Beware of Small Details

Pay attention to small details – design your customer experiences to bring your brand to life in the finer details, and present them with excellence to express your brand in every customer interaction.

Never Stop Doing Research

Never stop looking. Analyze your sales – or lack thereof – compared to previous days, and even compared to previous years. Analyze your stock, your sales, and compare them to your orders to evaluate your management. Analyze your competitors as well as their customers. Analyze your customers and those you want to get. Research your employees before hiring them, and help them succeed by sharing sales techniques and customer service tips. And the list goes on …  it’s very simple, always looking for what you can do to improve your sales, marketing, merchandising, employee performance, and even your own. Never stop doing research. You can visit now in the pages of Retail distribution.

Organize Events

A small event could be a Saturday full of demonstrations and mini-courses. Small events attract customers to your store, but their planning should not take much time. If the concepts of events and promotions are still new to you, then start by organizing a big event and a small event each month of the year. If you already have regular events, you can add as many as you want, as long as you can handle them comfortably.

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