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The content of transgenic organisms in food today does not surprise anyone. However, if you are going to sell such products, you will have to confirm that it will not cause harm to human health. To do this, you will have to issue a certificate of state registration, without which you simply cannot get a certificate for food with GMOs. The same applies to children’s and medical products (for example, to medicinal drinking water, poured into containers).

The Plans

In the event that you plan to sell food that requires cooking, you will also need to develop a recipe. This should deal with experienced professionals who will take into account not only the final result, but the cost of production, the amount of waste, the degree of compatibility of ingredients. The formulation is made in the form of an official document. The right GNC / Sell to GNC you will be having the smartest options now.

If you are not a producer of food products, but simply implement it – then a certificate for services will help you.Information on the label: barcode, etc. You will be able to have the Food and beverage distributor right here.

Better Options for You

Today, there are very high requirements for information on the label of food products. It should contain not only a complete list of ingredients contained in the product (including chemical additives: dyes, flavors, etc.), but also the number of calories as well as the bar code. For alcoholic products, the label should also contain information about the dangers of excessive consumption of such drinks, as well as restrictions on age and health.

The barcode in encrypted form carries full information about the manufacturer and the type of the goods and facilitates the formulation of the product upon purchase. For example, the first two or three digits of a barcode mean the country where the goods were manufactured, then follows code of the enterprise that produced the product, after them – the product code and the last one – the check digit necessary to enable this code to be considered an EAN scanner.

Where and how to get a certificate for food?

Of course, at first glance it might seem that it is almost impossible to get a certificate for food products – so many documents need to be issued. And, of course, independent design, indeed, can take away not only a lot of time, but also require large material costs. We want to advise you how to avoid all this and get a certificate for food quickly and inexpensively.

From the documents you will need to transfer:

  • application for certification;
  • copies of the statutory documents of the manufacturer (or passport of a private entrepreneur);

The exact list for you will be made by specialists at the first consultation.

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